Physicians & Medical Organizations

The Sotiles offer a full range of resilience services to physicians, medical families, and medical organizations, including:

  • Physician Renewal
  • Burnout Assessment and Intervention
    • Medical Marriage/Family Enrichment Intensives*
    • Physician Leadership Development
    • Team-Building and Retreat Facilitation for Medical Organizations
    • Disruptive Workplace Behavior Assessment and Intervention
    • Coaching for Medical Malpractice Stress
    • Physician Wellness  Coaching

*One- to three-day, individualized marriage/family coaching with the Sotiles

The Sotiles teach medical practices and health care systems how to promote collegiality and collaboration through effective emotional management. Their on-site assessment and feedback services are designed to improve relationship dynamics between doctors & nurses; doctors & administrators; and doctors & doctors. This consultation is based on concepts they have formulated over 30 years of work with hospitals, large and small physician group practices, and thousands of individual physicians, administrators, nurses and other medical staff.
Consultation services include the following:

  • Team-building
  • Leadership training
  • Facilitation of corporate retreats
  • Training in conflict management
  • Training in stress management and anger management
  • Targeted mediation of conflict between physicians, administrators, and staff

Special Service: Dealing With Disruptive Physicians and Staff

The Sotiles help medical groups and hospitals to appropriately, compassionately, and effectively deal with disruptive physicians and staff.

This service includes the following components:

  • Assessment of problem individuals
  • Development of written policies regarding professional demeanor in the workplace
  • Development of procedures for managing disruptive colleagues
  • Pinpointing the causes and solutions to problem workplace behaviors
  • In-depth psychological and interpersonal skill assessment and feedback
  • Ongoing monitoring and follow-up coaching regarding needed areas of change
  • Resolution of workplace interpersonal conflicts

More information on coaching services for general physicians and disruptive physicians can be downloaded from the sidebar.